Contract Work

Do you have a Data Science project that needs an expert touch? I am available for short-term contract or consulting work with a focus on statistical analysis, data exploration, and/or dashboard development.

I prefer projects conducted primarily in R, but I have intermediate knowledge of python, SQL, Ruby, and C/C++; and I am happy to interface with these ecosystems.

Rates are negotiable by project and typically billed on a per-project basis rather than hourly. Please contact me, and we can set up a time to discuss scope and cost.

Private Trainings

If you or your organization are looking to level-up your R and Data Science skills, perhaps the time is right for a private training. This can take the form of an intensive 1-5 day workshop, or a series of short weekly or biweekly meetings. Training material can be tailored to the needs and data structures of your projects.

Check out my course and workshop materials for a sampling of what I can create for you.

Drop-in Consulting

When possible, I set aside time in my schedule for drop-in one-on-one sessions, at a rate of $100/hour. This option is not recommended for large scale or time sensitive projects, as I cannot guarantee regular availability. However, it may be useful if you are seeking a review of your statistical analysis or help solving a pesky R challenge. To see my current availability and book a session, click here.

Kelly Bodwin

Data Scientist, Private Contractor