This section contains published academic papers and ongoing research. My primary research interests are in the development and implementation of novel association mining techniques, and in applications to the biological sciences and the digital humanities.

Social Networks in Pre-Revolutionary Poland

In 1989, the country of Poland underwent a peaceful revolution, replacing its existing Communist government with a Democratically elected one. This project is a statistical study of the social networks between key organizations and individuals in the years leading up to the revolution.

Parrotfish Predation on Coral

In Carribbean ecosystems, parrotfish prey on certain coral species. This work is a statistical analysis of the patterns of parrotfish predation and the corresponding healing patterns of the coral colonies.

Latent Association Mining in Binary Data

When information is continuous, but you only observe binary data, it can be difficult to detect association between variables. This method proposes a new model based on thresholding, and implements a search procedure that identifies groups of latently associated variables.

Differential Correlation Mining

This method was developed to identify sets of genes that are more inter-correlated under one condition than under another; genes that are correlated among patients with a certain disease, but uncorrelated among those without the disease. The DCM method relies on statistical testing principles to iteratively search until a significantly differential set is discovered.

Authorship on the Supreme Court of Canada

Judges and justices of the Canadian higher courts typically employ clerks to aid in their opinion writing. This work studies whether statistical methods can identify which justices relied more heavily on their clerks. A related work attempted to identify clerk-authored papers from among the work of a single judge.