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Setting up a SQL database with AWS.

Series: R and SQL

I am not a regular SQL user, but it can be useful to have larger datasets stored on a database for ease of sharing. In this post, I walk through setting up your own AWS database and connecting to it from R.


Tools to automatically generate course documents.

Social Networks in Pre-Revolutionary Poland

In 1989, the country of Poland underwent a peaceful revolution, replacing its existing Communist government with a Democratically elected one. This project is a statistical study of the social networks between key organizations and individuals in the years leading up to the revolution.


Tools to create Shiny documents without all the hassle.

Parrotfish Predation on Coral

In Carribbean ecosystems, parrotfish prey on certain coral species. This work is a statistical analysis of the patterns of parrotfish predation and the corresponding healing patterns of the coral colonies.

Latent Association Mining in Binary Data

When information is continuous, but you only observe binary data, it can be difficult to detect association between variables. This method proposes a new model based on thresholding, and implements a search procedure that identifies groups of latently associated variables.


Tools to highlight your source code in R Markdown.

Differential Correlation Mining

This method was developed to identify sets of genes that are more inter-correlated under one condition than under another; genes that are correlated among patients with a certain disease, but uncorrelated among those without the disease. The DCM method relies on statistical testing principles to iteratively search until a significantly differential set is discovered.

Introduction to the Field of Statistics (and R)

Introduction to the discipline of statistics, including the development of the discipline, professional ethics, data visualization and the role of statistics in the scientific enterprise.

Advanced Statistical Computing with R

Advanced techniques for efficient use of computers to perform statistical computations and to analyze large amounts of data. Includes version control systems; tools supporting reproducibility; functional programming; randomization and bootstrapping; dynamic data visualizations; and R package development.

R Workshop Materials

Github repository of materials for a three-day introductory R workshop offered to Cal Poly employees in Summer of 2019.

Tidy Eval is Confusing Sometimes

The purpose of this document is to once and for all figure out how to use tidy eval in my functions. I keep thinking I understand it, and then messing up the next time.